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I guess I should write something

 I’ve been drawing noses. Lots of noses and drinking coffee. I was doing photography but stopped because, I’m not sure I like the digital process. I don’t mean for that to sound so hipster, but I am an aging hipster, so there you go. I like tactile things, I love the craft. That’s why I am going back to drawing, painting, printmaking and maybe stained glass. All four are very tactile and physical. Digital is a little too ethereal for me. Anyway, I’ll be reviewing art shows here. I’m a harsh critic, but it’s not like it matters. 

 Like I said I’ve been drawing noses. Last week I picked up a 5×7 sketch book at Utrecht/Blick and started to take it with me everywhere, but more importantly I’ve been using it to draw in, mostly noses, some eyes, a mouth or two and faces. Most my faces look like the Buddha though. I need to put hair on those people. I also need to finish my coffee and a larger house for an actual studio; I’m stuck at the kitchen table, which at the moment is home to some power tools. I’d like to have a press. and a non broken easel, one that can actually hold it’s position. Money, I’d like to have some of that to indulge my every creative whim. 

Anyway welcome. As you can see I am a scatter brain and I don’t care.